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Welcome To Old Oak Cellars

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Started in 2003 as an attempt to diversify a family vineyard business, the eldest, Paul Overholt, decided it was time to form a winemaking company to specialize in making Bordeaux Style wines.

In 2007, Paul decided to further his knowledge of the winemaking craft by completing the UC Davis Oenology and Viticulture Certification program and that set the wheels in motion for the project that eventually became Old Oak Cellars. As the scope of the Project grew, Paul asked Dave Lustig, who has an encyclopaedic mind in respect to winemaking, to join him as Co-Winemaker so that the business building and winemaking responsibilities could be shared.

Old Oak Cellars was born in 2009.

Old Oak wines begin with grapes from the Alexander Valley and a few other local valleys in Sonoma County, which is renowned for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. We then process and ferment our grapes up there, using the highest quality equipment and technology to produce award winning wines. Once fermentation has taken place, the white wines are filtered and bottled in the valley, while the young red wines are then transported down to our winery in Pasadena, where the real magic happens.

At our winery in Pasadena, the young wine is then aged and blended to perfection, spending time in stainless steel tanks before heading into a mixture of French, European and American oak barrels. Our winemakers then spend time getting to know the flavor development of the wines, sometimes blending different varietals for flavor and intensity.

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